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11 Mar


Hello everyone,

I am so obsessed with colours and especially right now, as summers have began. We all prefer wearing bright colours during summer season. Nail paints are one such essential item in my beauty kit, I mean I really cant live without them. Changing nail colours frequently is one of my habit or hobby. There are so many nail colours and I am always curious to try all of them together. So lets talk about some nail paints you could try this summer.

1) Maybelline Color Show- Sweet Sunshine


Sunny days are here again and so is the shade yellow. This one by Maybelline Color show is a treat to the nails. Its a bright yellowish shade and totally apt for this season.

2) Maybelline Color Show- Feisty Fuschia



Another one from the Maybelline Color Show series. Well , I really like almost all the colours of that range, but this one is definitely my favorite. It is a hot pink shade and will look great in summers. A pink had to be included… Which girl can stay without a pink colour in their stash?? I am sure no one.. Hehe..
3) Loreal Paris Le Vernis Nail Enamel – Fatal Love


Love can indeed be fatal and dangerous just like this deep red shade from Loreal Paris Le Vernis range. This is perfect for a date night during the summers. We all love red, so its perfect for that then.

4) Nykaa Pastel Nail Paint Collection – Mint Meringue


Pastel shades are for summers basically. Mint meringue is a minty greenish shade which looks beautiful on any pastel dress or attire. I totally love this shade.

5) StreetWear Color Rich Nail Enamel- Lady Blue Eyes



I was never fond of a blue nail paint ever, but when I bought this it had to become my favourite. At a mere price of Rs 70, this one is a superb pick. Its a blue shade which will definitely suit Indian skin tone. Its definitely worth a try.
Well, so this is my tried and tested list of the nail paints I have loved using this summer. Let me know if you like any of them and comment your favourites too.




Memebox Nail Shop #2- My Fair Lady

30 Nov

Hey everyone,

Do you love shopping beauty boxes?? ( Even if you don’t, you might like this..hehe) .. Then definitely this post if for you.. Yess.. This time its about unboxing a beauty box.. Well who doesn’t like nail paints.. I mean its an essential part of us… We love to paint our nails very often.. So when I saw this particular website all the blogs were raving about, I decided to take a look on it.. The moment I opened the website I could see so many different boxes.. Its an interesting concept  and value for money too..


So lets take a look at what I ordered from Memebox ,  Honestly when I had a look at the name of the box I remembered the rhyme because it includes My fair Lady ( I know its not needed here.. )

1 ) I got three L.Vida Nail fit 16 piece nail transfer.. The nail fits come in three gorgeous patterns.

 2) I got four full size nail polishes in these colours- Aqua Green, Neon Orange, Milk Coffee, Chic Black..

3 ) L.Vida Glossy Top Coat

About the packaging-The box I got was pink in colour .. Wowee I loved the  colour , obviously its my favourite colour.. It was packed very neatly… Nothing was damaged at all because the box was very sturdy…



Coming to its contents-

L.Vida Nail fit 16 piece nail transfer- This is an amazing product . It comes in three different patterns .. I am yet to try this.. Oh! The cutest part , it comes with a tiny pink nail buffer.. Now isn’t that cute??

The nail colours are in  all pretty shades…I love vibrant colors , so I have many options in it.. L.Vida Glossy Top Coat is also been added into the box.. It gives a glossy finish to the nails..

You can purchase this box from their website or  click on the banner on the right to go to their website.

The Conclusion-

All in all , this box is appropriate for all the nail paint lovers..  I got this box on a discount i.e it was $12 plus $6 shipping …

Let me know what you would like to order from Memebox..



26 Dec

So to begin with I am beginning with a DIY series,. I normally do not get time to visit the salon too often as I usually have loads of work to do. So many a times, I do stuff like Manicure , pedicure sometimes even waxing by myself… Normally I do these things over the weekend because or when I feel my nails need pampering. 

To begin with , first in this DIY series is HOW TO DO A MANICURE AT HOME.


Image Courtesy- http://www.google.com

Nails are a very vital part in looking beautifully. For me , my total makeover is incomplete without the nails. Manicure is not only about nails but also about pampering your hands. The steps that I am sharing is totally my opinion, you can definitely add your own ideas while doing a manicure at home,


1) First , you need all the things that you need at one place. To start with, I always first remove the nail paint that I have applied previously to ensure that my nails are clean before I start.

2 ) Take a bowl , put 3-4 glasses of water( according to your needs) add a hand soak or a shower gel in that , mix it well and soak your hands in it for about ten minutes. You can add olive oil or any other oil of your choice too .

3) After the second step, I always scrub my hands with a scrubber and with any  scrub of my choice ,  Then rinse it off, I use cuticle pusher to clean the edges of my nails and then apply a cuticle cream.

4 )  After removing the cuticle cream after a few minutes, I start shaping and  filing my nails . Once that is done I wash my nails and then I take a good body lotion and apply it on my hands

5) In the end I apply a new nail paint or if you want you can always keep your nail without applying anything.

Well I am not a beautician or an expert so this is just a random way I use to keep my nails clean and so I thought that this may help all you ladies to keep your nails healthy and in shape. 

Let me know if you found this post helpful and if you would like me to post pictures step- wise of How I do a Manicure at home.



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