Memebox Nail Shop #2- My Fair Lady

30 Nov

Hey everyone,

Do you love shopping beauty boxes?? ( Even if you don’t, you might like this..hehe) .. Then definitely this post if for you.. Yess.. This time its about unboxing a beauty box.. Well who doesn’t like nail paints.. I mean its an essential part of us… We love to paint our nails very often.. So when I saw this particular website all the blogs were raving about, I decided to take a look on it.. The moment I opened the website I could see so many different boxes.. Its an interesting concept  and value for money too..


So lets take a look at what I ordered from Memebox ,  Honestly when I had a look at the name of the box I remembered the rhyme because it includes My fair Lady ( I know its not needed here.. )

1 ) I got three L.Vida Nail fit 16 piece nail transfer.. The nail fits come in three gorgeous patterns.

 2) I got four full size nail polishes in these colours- Aqua Green, Neon Orange, Milk Coffee, Chic Black..

3 ) L.Vida Glossy Top Coat

About the packaging-The box I got was pink in colour .. Wowee I loved the  colour , obviously its my favourite colour.. It was packed very neatly… Nothing was damaged at all because the box was very sturdy…



Coming to its contents-

L.Vida Nail fit 16 piece nail transfer- This is an amazing product . It comes in three different patterns .. I am yet to try this.. Oh! The cutest part , it comes with a tiny pink nail buffer.. Now isn’t that cute??

The nail colours are in  all pretty shades…I love vibrant colors , so I have many options in it.. L.Vida Glossy Top Coat is also been added into the box.. It gives a glossy finish to the nails..

You can purchase this box from their website or  click on the banner on the right to go to their website.

The Conclusion-

All in all , this box is appropriate for all the nail paint lovers..  I got this box on a discount i.e it was $12 plus $6 shipping …

Let me know what you would like to order from Memebox..


Leave your lovely comments here :)

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