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20 Aug


Hey there,

If you have been following my blog lately, I had put a blog post on The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Wash . Now this range in particular is one of the best ranges. They smell so good and are good to use. I did mention in my previous post about using the body wash and body lotion together. So lets see whether it proves effective than any other lotion.


About The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion:-

Hydrate your skin, while detoxing body and soul, with the crisp and refreshing scent of lightweight Fuji Green Tea™ Body Lotion. Discover more about the Green Tea Ceremony → • Lightweight hydration • Infused with the power of antioxidant green tea from Japan • For healthy looking skin • Enriched with Community Fair Trade Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua

Price:- Rs 695 for 250ml

Availability: In The Body Shop stores and online

How to use:- Massage into skin and allow to sink in before dressing.


My Review on The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion Review:

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion comes in the light green transparent bottle with a white pump dispenser. As  it is not possible to carry such kind of bottles all around so I wish they introduce small sized bottles.

The moment you take some lotion from the bottle. It smells ahmazzzzing .. Yes that’s so heavenly. It soothes the mind and relaxes the senses . When applied on the skin, the skin feels soft and fresh. It looks like a white cream lotion and gets absorbed quickly. It feels super soft and light weight on the skin.

IMG_20160820_185416-01 (1)

Overall , I really am fond of this lotion . Its been priced the same as the The Body Shop lotions . You should definitely try this range . I would like to try the body butter from this range too.

How do you like this range?? Do comment and let us know about your experience.






21 Jun

Hey all,

So finally the rains have hit  the city and the weather is absolutely amazing. I can sit with a cup of coffee and my phone or a book and enjoy the weather all day. But my main concern during the rainy season are my hair and face. My hair becomes limp and face becomes oily. Double Trouble !! To combat my face issues I religiously follow the CTM routine. It really helps me keep my face acne and oil free. Today I would be talking about the M in my CTM routine. That’s the Moisturizer.Do you skip applying your moisturizer?? If yes, start using it twice a day and see the difference in your skin. Today I am going to review a star of my skincare routine and my HG moisturizer which is The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion.



A lightweight, soothing gel-crème for blemished skin.
• Replenishes moisture overnight
• Leaves skin looking matte
• Antibacterial action
• Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin

Price: Rs 1095 for 30ml
Available at The Body Shop Stores and online here
How to use:
Apply this after cleansing and toning your face and massage it gently .



I have had acne issues since I was a teenage. Even after having 3 litres of water and maintaining a good diet , pimples use to pop on my face at the most unusual times. That was such an irritating phase. Phewww . Since a few years now thankfully my acne issues have gone. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade lotion is a light weight and a bit creamy lotion which is white in colour.


It comes in a green tube packaging with the pump. I like the packaging because the pump gives out only a lit bit of lotion and so there s no way that it can spill  or get wasted. It is extremely handy and travel friendly. The texture is creamy and has a slight fragrance of Tea tree. I take the lotion on my finger tips and then massage it gently in circular motion on my face. I concentrate more on my cheeks because I have a bit of blemishes there. It gets absorbed in my skin well.


It hydrates my skin and my skin feels soft and fresh. I have used this since two years now and I am so happy with this. My acne and blemishes have reduced a lot. This is really effective and works well on my skin. The only con about this is the price. I feel it is overpriced. The lotion gets over in about two months. I would still buy it because it really benefits my skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Lotion is suitable for blemished or acne prone skin . It is a must have night lotion and is best used with The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash and Toner.

Have you used it ever?? What do you think about it?? Do comment below.You can also subscribe to our blog through email and get updates on the blog.

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20 Jun

Hey all,

If you have seen our latest instagram post, I did a haul from The Body Shop. You can join us on Instagram here. We all love that brand and they completed 10 years this year. I so love their products, every penny spent on their products is worth it. My entire skincare routine consists of their products. Let me know if you all would like me to do a skincare routine post. Coming back to today’s review , today I will be reviewing a gem of The Body Shop , which is Cocoa Body Butter.


About The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter:

This super-rich and creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade cocoa butter and has a sweet cocoa scent.
• 24-hour hydration
• Great for very dry skin
• Sweet cocoa scent

Price: Rs 1095 for 200ml


Available at The Body Shop Stores and you can buy it online here

How to use

Massage into skin. Be generous! It works even better straight after a bath or shower.

My Review on The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter:-

The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter comes in a tub packaging which is safe and travel friendly. All the details of the products are mentioned on the back of the tub. On opening the tub, this smells awesome.. The only word I get in my mind when I open is Chocolateeee. Yes it smells some what like chocolate. I am an avid chocolate lover . This body butter has a butter like texture and on application it has to be massaged well so that it absorbs in the skin. It takes a bit of time to get absorbed in the skin.


After applying it, the skin feels soft and nourished and the effect stays almost for 12 to 13 hours. It doesn’t need to be applied again and again. This body butter is a must from their range for the dry skin. It is a bit overpriced but they do keep on having discounts and offers on their products. I have just finished half of the tub in the last six months and it will go for the rest of the year.


Considering everything, this is a real must have in your skincare routine. Will I the body shop cocoa butter review0repurchase this one?? Well, I would really like to try other variants in the body butter range after this gets over.

Let me know, how do you like this one??



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