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13 May

There are some beauty tips which have been passed by our mothers or grandmothers, which have always been useful to us. There are many tips which have worked, so I will be sharing them with you all today.

FACE:My facial skin is oily types with little bit of acne here and there. So i always used neem powder with a pinch of turmeric and Ta Da ma face was clear.For an even tone skin, I use Gramflour,Milk and Turmeric and this face mask keeps my face clean all the time. I am not much into facials and all. So these things always work for me



Hair: Well my hair is wavy and does not know how to behave sometimes..So once my relative told me to use this mask with curd and olive oil, and trust me it was a miracle for my hair. My hair suddenly became bouncy and shiny too.

Lips: For the Lips , I always scrub them with some olive oil and sugar. You can also make a lipscrub using cocoa powder, olive oil and sugar and it works too.

Eye Lashes : My Eye lashes are kind of small..and so once I tried this , using olive oil on the lashes every night. SInce them I am using it every night without fail. And yes it has worked on me .Image

Lastly for my body , I always use a scrub of Oats , Honey and a bit of mil. It cleans the skin in an effective manner

Well, these are the tips that have worked for me , so please try and it will be great if it worked for you too.

Till then enjoyy!!!!!



13 Mar

Glowing Face is a dream for many people… well even mine. When I was small , my mother always used natural stuff like chickpea flour ( besan) , turmeric ( haldi), yogurt etc… Well here I share some tips here



Well I swear by this Cleansing -Toning -Moisturising routine, in short its called CTM routine. We often feel lazy to do this, but its important to do it so that our skin feels fresh. 


Using Face Masks and Scrub is the most important thing to do..Treat your skin and apply face mask or a face scrub atleast once a week. One can even use natural face mask. The one that anyone can try is adding 1 tablespoon of honey in two table spoons of milk. Apply it for ten minutes, and you will get a clear and fresh skin after washing your face



DRINK WATER: The most important element of our beauty regime is water. If your body is hydrated, even your skin will be hydrated.For Glowing skin, it is important to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water. If you notice , all beautiful actresses drink atleast three litres of water everyday.



Exercise is very important to keep the body and our skin healthy. Exercise and Diet go hand in hand. If a balance is been maintained between them , the skin glows and behaves well.

So its important to keep all these things in mind, and try to enhance our beauty .

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