DOY launches Transparent Glycerin soaps

8 Feb


DOY launches Transparent Glycerin soaps; goodness of Glycerin promises to  #BringBackGentle

Three new variants Pure & Mild, Clear & Natural and Soft & Gentle encourage mothers to rediscover the beautiful selves and #BringBackGentle into their lives. The new DOY Glycerin Transparent Soap have been launched in three variants –

Pure & Mild         Soft & Gentle        Clean &Natural



It is available in 3 sizes, 50 g, 75 g and 125g X 3 multipacks.

  • The new DOY soaps are rich in Glycerin, Vitamin E and Natural Oilswhich nourish and moisturize the skin. The new offering also comprises of signature scentsthat will leave one’s skin and senses tingling for more!
  • Glycerin has been used to enhance skin beauty over the years and is an effective skincare companion for all seasons. It not only helps in the absorption of natural moisture but also in maintaining the optimum balance of moisture in skin.


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