Tips On How To Pick Best Sunglasses For Your Kids

5 Oct

Tips On How To Pick Best Sunglasses For Your Kid

Sunglasses help people to get their eyes protected from harmful UV rays from the sun, which can cause internal damage to the delicate organs of your eyes including the cornea, retina and the lens. Once your eyes face a slight irritation, it will lead to many other eye diseases. So, it is always advised to use sunglasses while out in the sun.

But how many of us ensure that alike we, even our kids are worn sunglasses so that their eyes are also protected? We see that they eat, sleep and do well in their academics. But, we hardly make sure that they have worn well protective sunglasses while they are out.

Again, buying any sunglasses does not serve you the purpose. Sunglasses for kids are designed in such a way that it fits perfectly on their face and also it helps them from getting their eyes exposed to the sunrays. So, here are some tips that should be taken care of while buying sunglasses for your kids..

Protection Is Important

Whichever sunglass you buy, ensure that it gives your kid the needed protection. Neither the brands nor the price is of least consideration. According to Prevent Blindness America, children’s sunglasses should block 99 to 100 percent of both types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB.

So, if your choice of sunglass gives your kid good protection against the UV rays, and then you can consider buying it. After all, protection is all that matters. Check out for amazing kids’ sunglass collections at Lenskart.

Fashion Not A Concern

Just because you are buying sunglasses for your kid, it does not mean that it should be very much fashionable or should go trendy. Fashion can be looked into but it should not be a concern for getting the needed protective sunglasses that can help your kid. Just with the label that says that the sunglass protects UV rays, do not buy it. Look for the amount of protection it ensures if your kid wears them.

Last year September, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had announced a recall of 20 different children’s sunglass models due to excessive levels of lead in paint that was used to decorate the frames.

Check out Flipkart for lead free sunglass models for kids.

Perfect Fitting Frame

Your baby might look cool and adorable wearing your sunglasses. But, it does look good only in photos as it does not protect your kids in any way. While buying sunglasses for your kids make sure that you get them the perfect fitting frame with lens that ensures the right amount of protection as well.

Get The Unbreakable

Make sure that you choose an unbreakable sunglass for your naughty. There are chances that they throw it, play with it, stamp on it or even bite it. So, the material should be of unbreakable material so that it does not get destroyed easily.

Look for unbreakable sunglasses for slashed rates at Paytm.

Let Them Choose


Give your kids the chance to choose their sunglasses. But, make sure that the choices have been selected by parents according to the above mentioned criteria. It is they who should be wearing it and we cannot force them always to wear a sunglass which they do not like. And we cannot make sure that they wore it even in our absence.

So, if they are allowed to make a choice, it will make them happy thinking that they are wearing something of their choice.



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