Review- Sugarbox India Monsoon Edition

26 Jul

Hey everyone,

The weekend is finally coming to an end… We all love those boxes that get delivered every month at our doorstep. Today I will be reviewing the Sugarbox Monsoon Edition…. I eagerly waited this month for my box to arrive as it was the Monsoon Edition…So lets get started with the review…

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About Sugarbox-

Sugarbox is a curated box full of exclusive goodies which are hand picked by our team of in-house stylists and epicureans just for you. By subscribing to Sugarbox, you will receive the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month. Not to mention the first bragging rights that come with it!

The First Impression-

Now I will be talking about the first impression of the website and the box both.. Sugarbox is a box provides goodies of all kinds of stuff like beauty, fashion, lifestyle and gourmet.. Their website is very easy to navigate and it contains all information about the previous boxes.. Well the box I ordered was Sugarbox Monsoon Edition.. Currently they are taking orders for their Hot Mess Edition.. You can buy this here..

As per the pricing, the monthly box costs Rs 1499  and they do have quarterly, semi annual and annual deals.. You can buy the previous boxes at Rs 1899..They ship the boxes at the end of every month…

Lets see what I recieved in my  Sugarbox Monsoon Edition..

What I Got in Sugarbox Monsoon Edition-

image (15)

1) Minion Umbrella- The first thing when I opened this box and saw was this cute minion umbrella. Minionsss.. Oh damn, they are so cute.. Well lately, I have been a bit obsessed with Minion stuff… We all need umbrellas this season, I mean its a must have for all ...

image (16)

2) A Cute Envelope Folder– I got this cute envelope folder which looks like a clutch in blue colour.. I absolutely love this .. It can be used both as a folder and clutch.. I have decided to keep my Ipad mini in it.. It looks so classy and simple.. Thumbs  up for this Sugarbox.

3) Hand and Foot care kit- A pink colour hand and foot care kit.. Woahhh.. who doesnt love that.. Its a kit that contains nail filer, nail cutter, foot brush and cuticle … This kit comes very handy when you have no time to go to the salon.. Will review this soon..

image (7)

4) Candy Foot Scrubber– A foot scrubber in the shape of a candy.. That’s a brilliant  stuff I feel..  I got this in pink colour and thats so cuteeee..

image (6)

5) Nelf Colossal Kajal Well, I love using kajal .. I mean my makeup is incomplete without it.. I surfed the interrnet and got some information about this brand.. Nelf USA is a brand that believes to provide good quality product at an affordable price.. The packaging looks similar to Maybelline Colossal Kajal.. Lets see if this proves better than that.. I will be soon reviewing both the kajals soon…

image (12)

6) A Mini Hair CurlerNow I come to my favourite product from the box.. It is the Shinon Mini Hair Curler and the cost according to their website is Rs 1200/- … To be honest, I was suppose to buy a curling iron the next month, but to my surprise I got this in the box.. Review coming up soon…

image (5)

image (8)

Last but not the least, I got some Jelly candies which I ate as soon as I opened the box.. A green colour scarf too which looks very trendy in the monsoon season…

Overall, the Sugarbox Monsoon Edition is a hit for me.. I totally loved the products that I got in this box .. Already booked their next edition… You can book the edition here..

 Please feel free to comment if you liked this review or any feedback or suggestions..



4 Responses to “Review- Sugarbox India Monsoon Edition”

  1. Melina August 26, 2015 at 3:27 pm #

    Hi there 🙂 wow you have amazing items ..cant wait for my box to arrive


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