12 Nov

Hey Everyone,

L’occitane En Provence is one of my favourite skincare brands.. So when I got an email regarding their new product , i just thought of sharing it with you all.


About L’occitane En Provence Divine Youth Oil

The Divine Youth Oil helps fight visible signs of aging for a skin texture that appears replenished, as if plumped from within. With daily use, it helps to:

– Maintain skin’s youthful appearance*
– Maintain a velvety skin all day (84%)*
– Reduce the appearance of wrinkles (63%)* for smoother looking skin (75%)*
– Improve skin’s firmness and tonicity**
– Reveal skin’s radiance (85%)*
Made with 100% natural oils, the Divine Oil has a light, silky texture with a non-oily finish that melts into the skin beautifully.

Divine results:Skin’s texture appears transformed. Skin looks more plump and velvety. Bursting with vitality, it is simply more radiant.

Price according their website – Rs 6990 for 30ml.

Well I do want to try this product ,though its expensive .. Would you like try Divine Youth Oil??



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